Swoosh Arm Chair


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Dimensions In Centimeters: (63.50W x 73.66D x 83.82H)


  • Metal ferrules.
  • Tight seat and back.
  • Sleek contemporary carved wood arms.


  • Plush poly foam cushion.

Seal Skin

Whisper of Gold


Body Fabric: 3127 71CC

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Your eyes are drawn to the contemporary carved arms that “swoosh” from under the slight wings on the chair’s back. The motion of the arms swings down and out to create the beautifully carved arm that gracefully turns to the rear to construct a dramatically arched leg.

This contemporary chair is surrounded in a shimmering taupe fabric. The arms and legs are finished in Seal Skin paint with custom Whisper of Gold ferrules

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Dimensions63.50 × 83.82 cm


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