Snow White – Beige Drawer


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This is the perfect dresser for the newlyweds and beyond. A jewelry tray can be found in the top left-hand drawer and the top four drawers contain dividers to keep both parties organized. All drawers feature finger pulls in place of hardware and interiors are painted in our Silver Shadow finish. Subtle skiving on the top wood surface resembles freshly melting snow.

Dimensions: Width  (172.7 cm)*(48.3 cm)*Height (92.1 cm)

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Six Drawers with Silver Shadow Interiors, Jewelry Tray in Top Left Drawer, Top Four Drawers are Divided with a Partition, Self Closing Drawer Guides

Caracole Contemporary


Width 68″ (172.7 cm)

Depth 19″ (48.3 cm)

Height 36 1/4″ (92.1 cm)


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Dimensions48.3 × 172.7 × 92.1 cm


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