Rolling Stone Console Table


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Dimensions In Centimeters: (167.64W x 35.56D x 73.66H)


  • Metal frame and legs in Jazzy Taupe.
  • Silver Travertine stone top.
  • Quartered Flakey Oak veneer shelf.


  • Space above shelf: 4.5″.
  • Between the shelf and floor: 22.375″.

Heathered Oak

Jazzy Taupe

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This sleek console’s present-day appearance is the result of a long slab of Silver Travertine that graces its top. The veins of this stone give off a natural wood-like appearance. The travertine is paired with a Jazzy Taupe metal base that has an architectural, grill-like frame. For a loft that is filled with leather and wood, this piece provides a nice counterpoint in style.

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Dimensions167.64 × 73.66 cm


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