Pop Your Collar – Black&Champagne Gold Chair


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Dimensions In Centimeters: (86.36W x 83.19D x 122.56H)


  • Decorative curved metal rod finished in Champagne Gold on center in back.
  • Metal ferrules finished in Champagne Gold on front feet.
  • Tight back.


  • Blendown cushion.
  • Webbed seat.

Golden Shimmer


Body Fabric: 3163 29CC

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Attention-getting by nature, this exceptional chair has considerable presence. Its tall winged back design is expertly upholstered in a luxurious chocolate plum satin and trimmed in a silhouetted wood frame wearing a Golden Shimmer finish. Of particular note is the extraordinary tailored finger-pleat detail along its inside lumbar.

Expertly trimmed with a metal bar finished in Champagne Gold, this elegant detail matches the metal ferrules on its front feet. Inspired by the glamour of the Hollywood Regency era, this signature chair is simply magical, masterfully fresh, and all Caracole refined.

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Dimensions86.36 × 122.56 cm


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