On The Sunny Side -Mirror-


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Dimensions In Centimeters: (69.85W x 1.91D x 67.31H)


  • Pierced plated metal frame finished in Whisper of Gold.
  • 3/16″ clear mirror with 3/4″ bevel edge.
  • A back hanger is positioned to allow the mirror to hang in any orientation.

Whisper of Gold

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Beguiling in its beauty, this expressive design is a statement-maker. At its center is a round mirror featuring a ¾-inch beveled edge. Surrounding the mirror is a shapely, pierced metal frame comprised of varying asymmetrical circles that appear floating yet connected.

The ultimate artistic addition to any foyer, bedroom or living space, its reflective beauty is complemented by a warm Whisper of Gold finish.

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Dimensions69.85 × 67.31 cm


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