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Energy consumption 250 Watts

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The Kenwood HM330 Hand Mixer helps make preparing blends, sauces, and mixtures hassle-free. This kitchen appliance is designed for folding, mixing, whisking, and kneading. A 250W motor powers this machine, making it ideal for a variety of jobs. An Advanced Cooling System, which maximizes efficiency, is featured on this hand blender. The simple functions of this mixer make it comfortable and easy to operate for daily food preparation. The handle is designed to be easy to hold with hands that are not completely dry. Simple controls make this appliance easy to use for people not used to cooking. Cleaning the beater after use takes minimal effort.


Turbo button

6 speeds

Easy Maintenance

Stainless steel beaters


The Kenwood HM330 Hand Mixer incorporates a powerful 250W motor that provides you quality results. It features a thumb operated switch and a turbo button that makes it easy to operate. This kitchen appliance has a wraparound cord and a safety interlocked beater. These features make it comfortable to use on a daily basis. Support for 6 modes lets you switch between beating, kneading, folding, and whisking operations.


The Kenwood HM330 Hand Mixer features a sturdy body made from high quality plastic, which ensures long term durability. It comes with twin beater and twin kneader attachments that you can use for mixing a variety of ingredients. The parts of this hand mixer can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher.


The Kenwood HM330 Hand Mixer has a beater that is designed to be easy to clean. Wipe off the residual blend off the beater with a soapy cloth to clean it. This makes it ready for use one again.


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