Ice Breaker 2 Seater Sofa


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Dimensions In Cm: 228.60W x 91.44D x 80.65H


  • Lightly Brushed Chrome

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 This is a sofa distinctive enough to design a room around. Its inspired look boasts a custom-designed pierced-metal frame with a modern honeycomb pattern finished in Lightly Brushed Chrome. Covered in a rich charcoal strie velvet, it has a neutral yet dramatic presence that can be dressed up or down. Its geometric elegance and plush upholstered comfort will transform any room.


  • Custom-designed pierced metal frame.
  • Bench seat.
  • Tight back.


  • Spring down cushion.
  • 8-way hand tied seat.
  • Feather down pillows.

Lightly Brushed Chrome


Body Fabric: 2554 91CC

Pillow Fabric: 2 19″ x 19″ Pillows 2554 91CC

2 19″ x 19″ Pillows 3147 91CC


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