Gas hob 30 cm| Stainless steel | Two burners


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  • Stainless steel gas hob
  • Front controls
  • 2 gas burners
  • Electronic ignition
  • Safety devices
  • Cast iron pan support
  • Long-standing laser serigraphy
  • Accessory: Cast iron wok stand
  • Optional: glass lid GL230
  • Dimensions (W x D):
  • 288 mm x 510 mm

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Estimated Delivery Date December 13, 2021
Sold By: Waha
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  • One-hand ignition

One-hand burner ignition brings extra comfort and easy control to your gas hob. To activate the gas burner simply press the knob down and rotate it to desired level with one hand while your other hand is free. Quick, simple, and efficient.


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