Bounty Mattress


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Bounty Mattress From 150 cm To 180 cm -4B42

  • Warranty: 10 years

Features :

  • Height : 32 cm
  • Length : 195 cm
  • Weight : All Weights
  • Handles for easy portability
  • Ventilation holes
Material :
  • European chassis, American origin
  • A layer of fiber roll upholstered under the outer fabric (winter face)
  • A layer of high quality cotton upholstered under the outer fabric (summer face)
  • A steel frame surrounds the chassis
  • A layer of double-sided insulation felt to insulate the foam from the chassis
  • A layer of double-sided high-density sponge
  • Width 7 cm high density around the mattress
  • Double-sided layer of Vaseline
  • Premium soft foam upholstered on both sides
  • Anti-bacterial fabric, woven with high density, made of high quality Visco yarn and treated to give a smoother texture
  • High specification fiber plate upholstered with fabric with double-sided

Available Dimensions :

  • 150 cm
  • 160 cm
  • 170 cm
  • 180 cm
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